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Wedding dresses in Latvia - BLUE BY ENZOANI

Blue by Enzoani (USA)
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The brand Enzoani was founded by a designer of Taiwanese origin, who graduated from London School of Design - Kang Chun Lin. His first collections attracted attention to a new brand by this young talent.
Luxury expensive fabrics, fine work with embroidery, original design - it all could not be left unnoticed.At the heart of all Enzoani collections are inspirational Europe and Asia, a harmonious fusion of two different cultures, which seem contradictory at first sight. Eastern delicacy is highlighted by the use of light flowing fabrics, but western desire for luxury is expressed in embroidery with Swarovski crystals.

Kang Chun Lin keeps to the originally chosen brand aesthetics while working on new collections for Enzoani. Designer admits: "Angelic, feminine, feathering, these were the attributes coming to my mind when I started working on a new collection. I used translucent fabric and multiple layers and textures, which allowed to conceal and reveal the body at the same time, to create the illusion of mystery, that could become apparent at any time."

Since the debut of the first Enzoani bridal collection in 2006, Enzoani introduced several new collections. In 2008 came into light the bridal collection Blue By Enzoani, in 2012 - Beautiful By Enzoani. Beautiful is the modestly priced bridal line, which is not inferior in beauty to more expensive dresses of famous brands.

Now adoujs Enzoani dresses are available across the globe - the shops and headquarters of the company can be found in North America, Europe and the Middle East.
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